Multiple GPUs and Interference with Other Devices

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I was pretty stoked to get multiple Litecoin rigs running. It seemed I had this figured out and could put a rig together quite quickly and have it mining happily.

Unfortunately, it seems issues just pop up and the source of these issues is not always readily apparent even though your rigs are mining away happily.

I had noticed that my cell phone was receiving poor coverage and my TV was acting up. Typical, it seems there is always something when dealing with electronics. After messing around, I figured out the closer I moved my phone to my miners the fewer bars of service I would have. 3′ little or no service, 6′ I would get a single bar, 12′ 3 bars, and 15′ mostly all the bars.

The light finally went off in my head and I bet that is why the TV is not working as it is fed via wireless. One way to find out. My rigs location was only temporary, and my new spot was ready to go, so time to do a move.

INTERFERENCE! Yes, the yellow flag was thrown on me.

Upon moving my rigs to the new spot, my phone immediately had good service and my TV began working again. 

So why did this occur with a consumer device used by so many in the world?

It’s all about the Implementation and intended use!

Yes, GPUs are covered under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations as an interfering device, BUT I am not using the GPUs as intended.

They are intended to be mounted in a case/shelf that reduces the number of emissions.  The reason why your gaming computer wouldn’t be an issue is the GPU is in an enclosed environment.

GPUs were never intended to be mounted in an open-air shelf, suspended from the motherboard via tie wraps, and connected by a ribbon cable that is also powered, and fed by a platinum-rated 1200 watt power supply.  All this is cooled by a box fan and a mini air conditioner. Multiply this by your number of rigs and you have the makings of a serious generator of unwanted frequencies.

This is probably why BAMT is set up to handle only a wired connection and requires some effort to implement a wireless connection.  The developers either knew (or got lucky) that having several rigs in close proximity would hurt or even kill your internet stability as reviewed here Internet Stability.

If your wireless devices start to operate weirdly, poorly, or not at all, be sure to consider your rigs as the potential source.

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